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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Here we go!

I have a problem.  I'm a little bit impulsive and overly dramatic at times.  I like to make wide, sweeping changes instead of little adjustments.

Just, for example, yesterday:

I realize I need to make some changes to the amount of stuff in my house.  My first target....the heirloom china cabinet.  Certainly if I get rid of all of my grandmother's china, that will clear out alot of space.  Hmmmmm.

Not knowing if this was a reasonable idea or not, I asked a few friends I trust.  Two responses I got:

"I'm in a big de-clutter phase right now, but heirlooms are different." -Jen, from Our Peculiar Lives

"I'm not a saver at all BUT I think in this season of society the call to "de-clutter, de-clutter, de-clutter" is going to make some people regretful some day" -Heather, from The View from the Trenches

Also, at a friend's house last night, she mentioned that she purges the toy bucket every other WEEK, with the goal of filling a whole trash bag!  A whole trash bag every other week!!  How can that much stuff come into the house in two weeks?

But it made me realize that I don't need to declutter BIGGER or with more intensity, I need to declutter more frequently.

So, here is my pledge.  I'm going to try to take one thing out of my house every day.  It can be as small as a pen or as large as a couch.  (Currently planning to keep all children, but that might change ;) )

I'm going to take pictures of every single thing that leaves the house, but I'll just tell you now, me and technology don't get along.  You wouldn't think in the year 2012 it would be much trouble to get a silly picture onto the internet, but I know right now this will be my biggest battle.

Here we go!

Item #1:
This really cool box of file folders came for free from my husband's workplace.

                                         Note to Lindsey: If someone is giving something away 
                                         for free because they never use it, it will probably sit 
                                                      in your closet never used.  Just sayin'.

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