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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Stop and Say Thanks

My Dad was sometimes embarrassing as I grew up.

I'm a bit of a stoic, so when his eyes would tear up as I left for the Homecoming Dance or he would dance and pump his arms when the Longhorns scored a touchdown, my little teenage heart would inwardly roll its eyes.

Maybe never moreso than when he would open the sunroof to tell God "Thank you!"

My brother and I would be sitting in the backseat irritating each other when he would proclaim: "Look at that sunset, Kids!" Then he would open the sunroof and say "Thank you, Lord, for that sunset.  It's amazing." 

This happened regularly. About sunsets. About lightning. About answered prayer. About pretty much anything.  

Opening the sunroof to talk to God.  Is that really necessary, Dad? You do know God can hear you if you leave the sunroof closed, right?

But really it wasn't about looking to heaven - It was more about doing something physical to stop and acknowledge God even as he drove around town and carried on with life.

And then today the neatest thing happened.

My 7 -year-old...the one who I am most concerned about right now...who seems to have the hardest heart...who is most resistant to guidance...He came up to me and said, 

"Mommy, We need to stop right now and Thank God!  I prayed He would help me and He did!"

So, we stopped and thanked God.  

My son doesn't know about the goofy sunroof, but he does know to stop and acknowledge God's work in his life.

This is my Dad's legacy and gift to me, and now my children.  

The Habit of Thankfulness

In everything give thanks, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus.

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